Retail Sales Personnel - SM Clark

Retail Sales Personnel - SM Clark - 2018-05-19

Gigahertz Computer Systems
426 P. Casal Street, Quiapo, Metro Manila, Philippines
Date expired: 
Wed, 07/18/2018
Experience Requirements: 
Not requirements

I. What are the Retail Sales Personnel’s (RSP) Scope and Responsibilities?
1. Directly responsible for generating sales for the company.
2. Applies the three M’s - Management, Metrics and Methodology in making sure sales quotas
are met.
3. Has an obsession with Customer Service
4. Able to perform basic inventory management for items assigned to him or her
5. Performs basic merchandise display management
6. Suggests pricing and promo adjustments by being sensitive to the market.
7. Performs daily Stock Keeping and Physical Count
II. What are the Retail Sales Personnel’s Qualifications?
1. Able to Integrate a selling methodology where customers’ needs are heard first, before
recommending an optimal solution
2. Tech Savvy enough to learn to use an ERP software
3. Proficiency in Microsoft Office Applications particularly Microsoft Excel
4. Equipped to perform basic data analysis, to understand problems and implement

Job benefits: 

Miscellaneous allowance, Education support, Loans

About company: 
"Proactive Service, Committed Care"

On this day November 26, 2015 Gigahertz declares service as our greatest priority
We promise excellence in our service to anyone regardless of position, form or standing
We account for any mistake and complaint because we know that these are signs that help us improve how we serve
We will proactively solve any problem, letting nothing stop us from this objective
We practice integrity in dealing with any situation
We serve consistently and constantly
This is our commitment to everyone we serve; to our suppliers, our employees, our customers, our company, and ourselves.
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