Travel To US Free Laptop Long Term EXE VA SSS And Benefits Included

Travel To US Free Laptop Long Term EXE VA SSS And Benefits Included


Before moving forward I am looking for someone to grow in our organization from starting at an Exe VA postition to moving into a position of greater capacity. I am looking for someone who wants to be all in and earn a permanent place in a company that pays well and has long term benefits for staying. After 3 years will earn interest in our company as an associate and the growth you help complete. The possibilities are endless with our company.

A person who started in a similar position we are looking as putting in as a CEO at one of our companies and we always promote from within first!

Im looking for someone who preferably played a sport or a musical instrument and knows how to practice and perfect and win in your personal life as well as in your business life.

As a strong human being you love to excel and discover new ways of doing things better faster and are results orientated. You can make suggestions on how to do things better and prove to me that you are worth greater money and freedom as a Great Long Term associate of our Company. So what are we looking for you to do?

Social Media Marketing on :
Youtube Facebook Pinterest Twitter Linked

Video Editing to include;
Using Techsmith Camtasia and snipping bits of videos and making new videos for posts on Facebook group and other places

Ability to download videos to save our EXEs time

Run google docs and ability to use a calendar program

Ability to Make and receive phone calls.


Ability to implement new technology or software

Looking for a LONG TERM Position that can grow your net worth with Benefits and Pay to increase with the results and money you bring into our company.

After 2 years you can expect to be paid as a US worker would be paid living in the US. There is a Probationary period that we test peopel and after 2 years you will make as much or more than someone who would work living in the US.

We have people that make over 60,000 a year USD that live in Singapore and the Philippines.

Experience Requirements: 
Not requirements
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