Telemarketing / Lead Generation -

Telemarketing / Lead Generation -


Requirements for the job;
·Good typing skills
·A good understanding and ability to use Google Sheets(for database entry)
·Discord for communication between our team members.
·Ability and equipment to make phone calls to the united states.
·Clear enough English speaking skills so that you can be understood over the phone.
·Able to work Monday-Friday from 9am(PST) - 3pm(PST) (30/hrs per week)

·Previous United States sales/marketing calling experience is a plus

Here is the process you would follow;
·Call a Phone Number from a list that we provide to you.
·Follow a Script with a series of questions we provide you with.
·Enter the information you gather in to the google sheet we provide you with.
·Call phone numbers YOU gather to setup phone demo appointments

Incentive based pay;
·$2.00/hr base pay
·$.05/per email
·$.20/per phone number
·$1.00/per phone demo appointment setup
·$TBD/per deal closure

Follow the discord link which leads to our interview server, download the discord browser app if you do not already have it, its free. Once you are in our server please send me a private message. If you do not have previous experience with using discord you can watch this video that explains the basics,

Once you are ready for a voice interview follow the this link to our server and send me a private message letting me know you are ready

Experience Requirements: 
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