Social Media Specialist | Writer | Content Creator Editor Blogger

Social Media Specialist | Writer | Content Creator Editor Blogger


Noni Brands is a Toronto-based start-up in the forefront of online commerce. We’re an ambitious and small (but growing!) team working towards a common goal: launching and growing industry-shaking businesses. Launched in early 2014, we have shipped millions of orders worldwide and we have been experiencing triple-digit growths in revenue every year.

We are looking for a full-time social media writer who will be writing articles, posts and comments with different perspectives, writing style, level of formality and grammatical correctness.

Here are the SKILLS you need:

TOP-NOTCH ENGLISH SKILLS - You need to be able to write as if English is your first language. You should naturally and EFFORTLESSLY be able to write sentences and paragraphs that will convince people you are born in a household that is English-speaking. With your words, you can paint pictures in the minds of your readers.

VERSATILE WRITING SKILLS - You need to be able to write English in different levels of formality - from casual and conversational to more structured, detailed and grammatically correct. You need to be able to write from countless different perspectives - as if you are a 20-year old middle class male in New York or as a happily married woman with 3 children etc..

CREATIVITY - You will be in charge of writing fictional comments and points of view. You will be in charge of the topics to write about. You will need to generate hundreds of opinions and subject matters so you must naturally have a proclivity to daydream or come up with stories, opinions, viewpoints etc.

SELF-MOTIVATED - We don’t believe in motivating our team members because we expect you to do that for yourself. We hire only those that are self-motivated. If we feel the need for us to motivate you, you will be let go.

Intra-personal Skills – Just being creative and being good at writing won’t be enough. As someone who would be dealing with Social Medias five days a week, you need to be EXCEPTIONALLY open minded. You also need to be aware of your own thinking. Being able to manage and understand one’s own emotions is a necessity. After all, what you write, regardless of whether you’re being paid to do so or not, reflects your feelings and emotions.

Inter-personal Skills – This is one of the most basic skills that we need. Being able to work well with your peers is amazing, but as Social Media Specialists, we deal not just with our peers, but also the COUNTLESS people online who can view our public comments/posts that we make. For every post/comment that we make, there will be commenters that we have to respond to in a manner that will invoke the feeling of friendliness and being connected with the other party. No trolling in any forms will be allowed. No ill-willed replies, no swearing, no lashing out.

Passionate About Social Media – What did you expect? Of course, you have to be passionate about social media! This quality is the HIGHLIGHT of the position.

It will take approx 5-10 minutes to complete the application to ensure we are receiving genuinely interested applicants.
Kindly continue your application via our company's gohire link below

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