Social Media Manager For An Influencer

Social Media Manager For An Influencer


I'm an influencer who has a Youtube Channel and social media accounts. I'm looking for someone to help with the following tasks.

-Create 5 instagram posts in planoly each week
-Create 2 instagram stories in planoly
-Upload instagram stories at 7:45 am CST M-F
-Post instagram content on facebook page at 7:45am M-F
-Post an IGTV story 3 times a week-add a title and content description

It is very important that you are reliable and can post at the correct time. I also need someone who is able to meet deadlines and have instagram posts in for review by the deadline.

*Please send me 3 social media posts that display your work and writing skills. I would like to see a specific post where I can view your writing style. If you send me to an instagram account please let me know which picture to look at with your writing in the caption.

*Please share an instagram story that you have created

*Position will be payed hourly and you will need to track your hours and submit them weekly. What is your expected hourly rate?

*Please share any other important information with me.
Liz Fenwick

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