Senior Designer Full Time -

Senior Designer Full Time -


Delesign, based in California, is hiring talented Senior Designers located in the Philippines. We are looking for talent with a wide range of design experience.

We provide two shifts:

6am - 4pm M-F Pacific Time (California Time)
6pm - 4am M-F Pacific Time (California Time)

Through this position, you will be working directly with our amazing English speaking clients to help create graphic design content to support their businesses. As our company specializes in creating high quality motion graphics and website designs, you are expected to be highly experienced and skilled when it comes to everything related to motion graphics and websites. This job provides the following benefits and perks:

-Flexible work from home position.
-Unbeatable pay rates, with ever increasing rates based on milestones and seniority. Also, get additional recurring monthly bonuses when you take on more clients.
-Consistent twice a month payout schedule with no cutoffs
-40 hour work weeks
-Career/promotion opportunities beyond graphic design
-1 hour paid breaks each day


-Commercial/Paid design experience. We are looking for very experienced designers who have worked extensively with English-speaking clients.

-A wide variety of professional design experience. Candidates are expected to have experience (and to show this through their portfolio) in the following areas: motion graphics, website and mobile designing, illustration, photo editing, typography, shirt design creation, social media designs, fliers, and experience with all other common graphic design related areas. You need to show great skill with all of these areas to be considered. You will need to pass the design test during the application stage that will take around 1.5 hours to complete.

-Knowledge of video editing/2D animation applications such as Adobe Premiere and Adobe After Effects. You must have significant experience creating motion graphics. Adobe Flash is not required, but a good bonus.

-Knowledge and experience creating high quality website and mobile wireframes.

-Adobe Creative Cloud. You will need to have access to this, as this will not be provided.

-High speed and consistent internet connection (with backups).

-An updated computer or laptop that can handle lots of design action.

-Excellent written English ability. You will be emailing our clients as part of this job, and are expected to have an excellent understanding of written English. There will be a short English grammar test as part of this application.

-A friendly attitude.

To be considered for this position, respond with your weekly availability (days available, and what hours) in Pacific Daylight Time. Include your resume, as well as your portfolio. Make sure that your portfolio specifically highlights your work in the design areas mentioned above to be considered, especially in motion graphics and website design. Candidates who do not show this in their portfolios will be asked to provide examples before they will be considered for this position.

Candidates who meet our requirements will then be sent a short design test to complete. Candidates who show proficiency with this test will then be sent a short English grammar test to show their ability to work with our English speaking clients.

We look forward to working with you and having you join our new team!

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