Sales And Marketing Associate - Cebu City

Sales And Marketing Associate - Cebu City

We are looking for a responsible and highly motivated Sales and Marketing Associate who is ready to take on all sales responsibilities from generating leads to closing sales. Our ideal candidate should be able to deliver a professional presentation to customers, and uphold the ideals and standards of our company. The successful Sales and Marketing. Associate will constantly strive to meet all sales goals and exceed customer expectations.

In this company, hustle for the attainment of objectives is of essence. The successful candidate will play multiple roles and strive hard to reach objectives while remaining faithful to our vision and brand values.

The successful candidate should be highly mobile and should be ready for numerous travels.
Proven track record in achieving or surpassing targets and goals

Strong analytical and planning skills

Good communication and presentation skills

Excellent problem-solving skills

Creativity – thinking outside the box leads to exciting campaigns that grab attention and generate sales

Data analysis – sales and marketing coordinators should be comfortable inputting and interpreting data in order to draw sensible conclusions

Salesmanship – understanding the target audience and presenting information to them in ways that will lead to a positive impression of the company boosts profits

Organization skills – managing the efforts of multiple people and departments to achieve desired results requires staying on top of things and collaborating extensively

Problem-solving skills – critical examination helps sales and marketing associates pinpoint reasons behind situations, such as why sales totals were less than predicted or why an internet campaign isn’t drawing desired results
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