Onsite Concierge In Cebu Hospitals

Onsite Concierge In Cebu Hospitals

MediLink Network, Inc.
Main Office is at: 4F CIBI Information Center, Mascardo cor., Zapote St., Sta. Cruz, Makati City, Metro Manila, Philippines
An On-site Concierge is expected to implement MediLink’s business operations from specific merchants (hospitals or clinics). Specific business operations that would be managed by the On-site Concierge include administrative tasks, assists in member-related concerns, and consolidation of all necessary documents to ensure smooth end-to-end workflows.

We put high importance on human relationships
Getting hospitalized for whatever reason is an extremely stressful experience. This is why we understand the limitations of technology in situations such as hospitalization. This is where the role of an On-site Concierge comes in because after all, nothing quite comes close to the power of human relationships.

Coordination for Seamless Business Operations
Part of our mission to enabling efficient, accessible and affordable healthcare is the commitment to implement top-of-the-line business processes. An On-site concierge will have regular exchange of messages with members and merchants (hospitals and clinics) alike. That being said, we’re not just looking for someone who is fluent in English, but more importantly, someone who has excellent comprehension skills.

We believe in the power of positive attitude
As promising as the health-tech industry may be, there is no denying that in any business process, there will always be things that go wrong. This is why we don’t underestimate the power of people to keep grace under pressure while addressing such matters. We believe that an open mind and willingness to learn is the key to mastering the art of time and organizational management. And don’t worry, we’ll walk with you in the journey of reaching your full potential.

Skill Keywords
Interpersonal Communication
Computer Literacy
Time Management
Administrative Assistance
Healthcare Management
Customer Service Management
Oral Communication
Document Management
Business Operations

Job benefits: 

Medical, Miscellaneous allowance, Loans, Dental

About company: 
MediLink Network, Inc. (MediLink) is a healthtech company committed to enabling efficient, accessible, and affordable healthcare. It is a joint venture between Equicom and F.E. Zuellig that was established in 1999.
The health community is a complex ecosystem that requires interactions among several key stakeholders — patients, doctors, hospitals, clinics, companies, insurers.
Left unchecked, the demand for healthcare will rise due to the increasing population and earlier incidence of disease. The supply of healthcare services, however, cannot keep pace with healthcare demand, and is affected by external factors such as immigration of health professionals and the long lead time required to educate and equip a health worker.
Ultimately, what keeps MediLink on track in fulfilling its mission is the desire to build a stronger healthcare community that benefits all stakeholders.
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