Mid Application Systems Engineer / Consultant

Mid Application Systems Engineer / Consultant


Job Description

⢠Create Design, Program, Test specifications
⢠Execute test based on specifications.
⢠Fix bugs; Accommodate changes based on approved Change Requests.
⢠Report status.
⢠Can handle tasks with the help of manuals provided by the customer
⢠No need for Senior supervision
⢠Can already perform team's operational tasks (initiatives)
⢠Perform any other related tasks assigned by the direct Supervisor or Manager.
⢠When implemented, the designs produced successfully integrate with other parts of the solution and meet the requirement specification.
⢠Consistently produces designs, which require minimal rework following peer review.
⢠Work is delivered to agreed timescales.
⢠Issues are notified in a timely manner.
⢠Produces maintainable solutions with a low density of defects.
⢠Provides technical advice and assistance to less experienced colleagues.
⢠Where appropriate there is demonstrable evidence that supervised colleagues have been given clear direction.
⢠Is able to produce tangible evidence of how their ideas have been implemented and how they have exceeded customer expectation.
⢠Is able to provide evidence of clear and concise communication to both technical and non-technical audiences using appropriate language and terminology.
⢠Can produce evidence of how their ideas have influenced the team, e.g. design implemented, published processes, developed standards, identified and implemented tools etc.
⢠Can produce evidence of how they have contributed to other teams.
⢠Evidence that Corporate and local development methodologies have been followed.
⢠Evidence of input to local processes.


⢠College graduate
⢠Application development (Design, Programming, Testing).
⢠Mainly React.js skill with other technical experience preferred such as Java, C#, Python, ⢠scripting, .Net, AWS/Azure, etc.
⢠Experience in any Single Page Application development is OK (aside from ReactJS, there is AngularJS, VueJS)
⢠Team Lead experience preferred but not mandatory
⢠Willing to be deployed either local or Japan short term (3-6 mos) / long term (1-2 yrs)

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