HubSpot Expert -

HubSpot Expert -


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I run a Financial Planning business and HubSpot is the backbone of our operation.

I am looking for someone who lives and breathes HubSpot and is an expert in the following:

1. Building Workflows & Sequences
2. Integrating CTA's + HubSpot Landing Pages with Wordpress
3. Optimising processes to gain efficiency
4. Designing reporting Dashboard to deliver desired reports

In addition to this, the ability to integrate other software systems via Zapier would be a massive bonus!

This role is important as it will allow us to operate more efficiently and compete with businesses that are much bigger than ours.

If this sounds like you, reply to this job post with:

1. Your Skype ID.
2. A brief overview of why you believe you would be suited to this role
3. What is your expected hourly rate?
4. Screenshots of some of the Workflows/Zapier integrations you have built
5. Tell me a bit about your other similar roles (before and after) ie I started working for XYZ and it was like this, after X months/time it was like this.


1. Give me a quick overview of what you love about Zapier.

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