Digital Marketing Manager -

Digital Marketing Manager -


We are a rapidly growing marketplace eCommerce company founded in 2015, based in Toronto, Canada. We sell thousands of products on each month and we are currently looking for someone to fill up a role in our company. More than anything, we are looking for someone who is reliable, dedicated, and gets the job done.

We are looking for a Marketing Manager who will be assigned to do the following tasks:
- Crafting the written content for our product listings on Amazon (title, bullet points, product descriptions) as well as our other marketing initiatives (email, social media, paid ads)
- Responding to customer questions, inquiries, and complaints via email or live chat
- Strategizing and executing the theme and vision of our brands

Here are the SKILLS we are looking for:

* GREAT COMMUNICATION, SALES & COPYWRITING SKILLS - You need to be able to write as if English is your first language. You need to be able to write persuasively because at the heart of it, your task is to convince readers to act. Sales is something you should be naturally good at. You understand that the best way to convince people to buy something is to paint a vivid image of the solutions and benefits they can expect from buying that product.

* CREATIVITY - You will play a huge role in branding. You will be asked to come up with the written content for social media posts, email campaigns, articles, taglines, banner ads, sponsored ads and other marketing content. Just having fluent and persuasive English writing skills will not be enough to do this job well. You will also have a say for the themes and the feel of our brands.

* OBSESSION FOR CUSTOMER HAPPINESS - You will also be spending time responding to customer questions and complaints. No matter how displeased they may be with our products, their experience with you as our customer happiness specialist should always be a positive one. You need to be empathetic enough to truly listen and address their concerns.

* SELF-MOTIVATED - We don’t believe in motivating our team members because we expect you to do that for yourself. We hire only those that are self-motivated. If we feel the need for us to motivate you, you will be let go.

If it sounds like we are asking for too much, then this job is not for you.

However, if this job sounds like a challenge that excites you, and you are looking for a long-term job in a stable and fast growing company, we would love for you to apply by clicking on this link below. It takes a few minutes to complete the survey because we want to make sure we weed out all the weak candidates. Only applications through our hiring portal will be considered. We are looking to hire immediately:


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