Customer Support Representative (Excellent English Required)

Customer Support Representative (Excellent English Required)


(Instructions to apply below) Transform Destiny is a fast growing live and online training company. We teach Hypnosis and NLP (Neuro-Linguistic Programming) to students all over the world who are interested in either personal development, or becoming certified.

We also teach people excellent communication skills for professionals to use in the workplace, sales, and everyday life.

We have both online classes, as well as several live events across the United States. We have been in business since 2006, and already have a few Filipinos working on our team, whom we love. :)

You can check us out at, and feel free to watch the video on the page to see what we do, how we help people, and what NLP is.

We are looking for a couple of new Customer Support Representatives to help answer emails, live chats, answer phones, update accounts, and other projects as they come.

We are growing, but as of right now per shift, plan on 3-5 inbound calls, 3-5 outbound calls, 3-5 live chats, answering several emails, updating accounts, and other random projects, including helping us document your work to make training others in the future easier as we grow.

We need someone who:

* Has amazing communication skills, and is very fluent in English, both in writing and speaking.
* Has a minimum of 3 years experience working as a Customer Service Representative, VA, or other work.
* Has a fairly flexible schedule, and is open to work during business hours Pacific time.
* Has very strong internet at home, as well as a quiet environment for taking phone calls without distractions in the background or at home.
* Has a backup internet plan (like a hotspot) if the internet goes down.
* Loves talking with people, and creating positive relationships with customers.
* Is detail-oriented, organized, and loves to keep up with calendar events and keeping things on track.
* Loves to give 110%, is interested in a full time, long term career, and growing with a company. Not someone who does just enough to get by.
* Is comfortable working on TimeDoctor (similar to TimeProof).
* Is very trustworthy, honest, asks a lot of questions, is reliable, and will communicate with me right away if there are any issues or concerns.
* Can keep a positive attitude working from home, rather than in a social office.

We are looking for someone who wants to stay with us long term, and would like to take on new roles as you grow.

To apply:

Please send me (Kayla) an email to with your resume attached and a link to you profile here on, and please answer the following questions:

1- What you liked most about your previous job(s)
2- What you disliked about your previous job(s)
3- What you would like your next job to look like
4- Any experience you have that will help you excel in this position
5- If you are looking for a full-time, long-term career working exclusively with one company

Please also include:
6- What your internet/computer situation is at home
7- If there are any days and/or hours that you are not available to work
8- How quiet your working environment is
9- If you are comfortable working on TimeDoctor
10- What about this position excites you the most

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