Company Nurse Oshnet Certified

Company Nurse Oshnet Certified


We are looking for a Company Nurse to join our dynamic, fast paced and fun team in Davao City, Philippines.

If you are a person of good attitude and has good work ethics, willing to take challenge, passionate and eager to learn new technologies and the intricacies of Home Health Care, submit your application letter, resume and transcript of records via email.

Job Summary:

This position is responsible for providing nursing care to sick or injured employees; handles medical related injuries and educates employees on the prevention of sickness/ diseases; dispenses appropriate medicine(s) based in the employee’s complaint; evaluates filed sick leave (SL) form and validates the nature and duration of sickness prior to approval/ disapproval; does inventory of medicines and medical supplies; does monthly reports.

Job Responsibilities:

1. Takes and records the medical history of employees, routine vital signs of all consulting employees which may include BP, PR, RR, Temp., weight, height;

2. To observe and provide routine nursing care such as applies compresses, ice bags, hot water bags, and alcohol rubs as needed for all observed company employees. Performs wound dressing preferably under the supervision of the Company Physician.

3. Dispenses/ administers medicines to employees with proper instructions and keeps a record of the medicines given.

4. Reports to the Health & Safety committee or HMO Accredited Physician employees that need medical attention.

5. Contacts through phone/personally or through supervisors of employees with incomplete or pending medical exams and certification if needed.

6. Conducts house/ hospital visits as required by the Human Resource Management Department (HRMD) or the Company Physician.

7. Assists and accompanies employees to the hospital when needed during referrals. Notifies the relative of sick employees who needs to be referred to the hospital; liaises between hospital staff and the employee for in-patient requirements and other concerns.

8. Assists the Company Physician in the approval of sick leaves and approval of medical leave requests.

9. Assists the Company Physician in verifying the validity of medical certificates submitted.

10. Assists the Company Physician in announcing that an employee is fit to work after sickness.

11. Evaluates the condition of sick/injured employees requesting to stay at the clinic to rest; issues a send home order as necessary and informs the employee’s immediate supervisor and workforce regarding the employee’s condition.

12. Makes incident reports on any injury(s) and submits it to the HMO Accredited Physician and Insurance claims for accident related injury(s).

13. Makes reports of all referred, observed and sent home cases and clinic visits and submits this to the Health & Safety committee or HMO Accredited Physician.

14. Assist the employee with SSS sickness benefit claim and Philamlife accident insurance claim.

15. Conducts occupational health activities which includes among other health and wellness education, employee health services and compliance to basic health and safety standards prescribed by law.

16. Represent as one of the Company’s Health & Safety Committee.

17. Implement and ensures compliance with HMO concerns and transactions.

18. Assists in the conduct of the Annual Physical Exam (APE) and coordinates with Clinic provider.

19. Process and monitor the City Health Card compliance of all employees and pre-employment medical examination for new hires.

20. Reminds the Health & Safety committee of medicines nearing expiration and reports such for proper dispensing and discards medicines and disposes such in the prescribed manner.

21. Ensures the maintenance of cleanliness of the workplace and the clinic; coordinates housekeeping concerns with concerned Department; sees to it that proper sanitation procedures are followed to include the disposal of hazardous wastes like blood-soaked gauzes, gloves (sharps and needles).

22. Attends seminars/ conventions pertaining to health and safety standards.

23. Signs monthly work accident/illness reports.

24. Performs other duties pertaining to maintenance of health and safety and administrative tasks that may be assigned from time to time.


 A licensed registered Nurse with at least 1 year of experience.

 Preferably with formal training in Occupational Health Nursing (OSHNET certified).

 Possess good interpersonal and communication skills

 Excellent observational skills and advanced knowledge in public safety and health standards

 Must be patient, supportive, compassionate and be able to maintain composure

Experience Requirements: 
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