Amazon Private Label Operations Manager

Amazon Private Label Operations Manager


We are currently a 7 figure e-commerce wholesale business looking to expand into creating a Private Label and Brand. We are looking for VAs who are extremely experienced in the following:

Product Research
Product Sourcing
Product Launching
Social Media Manager

Email List Builder and Email Marketing
Advertising Manager - Facebook and Instagram Ads, Youtube Ads, Google Adwords, Amazon PPC, etc.
Content Creator
Website Manager/ Creator / SEO
Customer Service Agent
Writing - Blog Posts/ Listing Creation and Optimization
Product Design / Picture/ Video Design
Inventory Management
Project Management

You do not need to have all of these in order to apply, these are just the positions I am looking for. I am looking to hire 2-3 people if needed. We are going to create something huge together.

Please apply to this email with the subject line of what you are applying for and the letters "RRJ". For example, if you want to be the Product Researcher please use the Subject line "Product Research RRJ". Only emails with these subject lines will be read.

Please apply with your resume and past experiences and please explain what qualities you bring to the table and why you should be picked over other potential applicants.

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