AMAZING Content Writer For HARO Content Work (Pay + Bonuses)

AMAZING Content Writer For HARO Content Work (Pay + Bonuses)


Our company is looking for a detail-oriented writer who can monitor and write HARO responses. We need a quality writer

Haro, Help a reporter out. Three dispatches a day, you would be responsible for marketing 4-5 clients. Each client expects 3-5 replies a day, so that is 15-25 emails a day. Ideally, you have experience with HARO, if not are willing to research and learn how to do it. We can train but do your homework.

We would start off with 1 client and work up from there

You must have a passion for writing and be interested in learning about new industries and quickly coming up with answers to possible opportunities.

Here is how the typical work would be:

1) You receive 1 of the 3 HARO daily emails
2) You scan for responses that would work well for the client's industry (ie; if the client is in health and there is a question about diabetes, you would come up with a response)
3) You write the response and send it to the reporter
4) You record the info in a spreadsheet

Basic understanding of on-page SEO and organization is a plus.

Skills Description:
1. Medium knowledge of WordPress, Google drive.
2. Experience with HELP a reporter out (HARO)
3. Smart writer and researcher

1. Have a PC with stable Internet Access
2. Be punctual, hardworking and capable of meeting deadlines
3. Have a good command of the English language including formal and informal speech.
4. Creative writer good with reviews, web page content and writing copy

There will be bonuses for each successful link placements

To be considered please include your response to the following

5) Summary: What does Fair Credit Mean?

Name: Andrew Tavin OppLoans Financial Sense Blog

Category: Business and Finance


Media Outlet: OppLoans Financial Sense Blog

Deadline: 11:00 AM CST - 18 July


What does it mean to have "fair credit?" How much worse it is
than having good credit? How much better is it than having poor

Credit experts, finance experts

Experience Requirements: 
Not requirements
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