Adwords And Facebook Ads Manager Needed

Adwords And Facebook Ads Manager Needed


My team is looking to grow our customer base by using paid advertising through adwords and facebook ads, and we need a highly qualified advertising manager to join our team.

We’re not looking for someone who can just run ads based on a strategy we provide for them, but for someone who is experienced in running and growing a customer base using Adwords (text, display, PLAs, and Youtube Ads) as well as Facebook Ads.

This position will start with a test period at part time, moving to full time after 2-4 weeks.

The ideal candidate will...
- Be able to create solid strategies for scaling new customer acquisition profitably by running paid ads.
- Be experienced in both the Adwords ecosystem (with text, display, PLAs, and Youtube Ads) as well as Facebook Ads
- Be able to generate reports to show weekly progress in all ads systems.
- Be comfortable to chat with us on Telegram, Google Chats, and Zoom regularly to keep up to date with what is happening in the company, and to discuss ad strategy.
- Not be afraid or intimidated by constructive criticism to improve their work.
- Be comfortable offering insights and ideas based on their own expertise to improve the brand’s ad strategy.

Additionally, it is important that whoever gets this job is SERIOUS, and will show up to consistently do the work, openly communicate with us to solve any problems, and hit deadlines.

If this sounds like you, please apply by sending us the following:
- A resume and cover letter outlining why you think you are right for this position, and relevant jobs you’ve had in the past.

- Examples of your past ads work. I don’t need the actual ads or confidential information - just the results (Example: you worked with a client for X amount of time and were able to increase their purchases by Y% in that time frame).

- A proposal on your ad strategy for a company with the following details:

“Your client is a 7 Figure company. This company is looking to scale new customer acquisition profitably via paid ads. The budget is infinitely scalable based on performance. If the ads are breaking even or making money, the client is willing to spend as much as possible to continue to acquire new customers. As long as the ads are breaking even or making money, the client will put even more money into ads. If you need a number to start, assume $5,000 as your starting budget.

Provide us with a proposal on what you would do for that client. I need to know A) where you would start, B) what you would execute, and C) what deliverables you would provide us (i.e. what would a report back to us look like?)

NOTE: We’re very busy and don’t have time to contact all applicants, so ONLY applicants who provide samples and a proposal will be considered, so please be sure to send them!

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