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accounting/auditing/finance (1413)accounting staff (50)office staff (44)financial account (23)management trainee (21)back office (16)hr assistant (16)account manager (13)cashier (11)hr officer (11)accounting assistant (10)accounting (9)credit investigator (6)payroll specialist (5)warehouse manager (4)operations manager (4)finance (4)assistant accountant (4)accounting associate (3)accounts payable (3)accounting clerk (3)motorized messenger (3)account officer (3)project coordinator (3)general accounting (3)accountant (2)internal audit (2)business analyst (2)finance associate (2)audit staff (2)credit officer (2)field auditor (2)accounting manager (2)collection specialist (2)plant accountant (2)human resource staff (1)internal audit staff (1)accounting supervisor (1)finance and accounting staff (1)finance officer (1)financial analysis (1)certified public accountant (1)accounting officer (1)payroll assistant (1)jr. travel accountant (1)loan processor (1)junior auditor (1)senior manager (1)accounting assistants (1)sr. accountant (1)credit analyst (1)accounting intern (1)staff accountant (1)dealer coordinator (1)book keeper (1)audit associate (1)financial experience (1)service reps (1)junior accountant (1)senior accountant (1)head of finance (1)office manager (1)field sales specialist (1)finance staff (1)finance analysts (1)general accountant (1)controller (1)customer service (1174)technical support (54)customer service representatives (40)center agents (39)call center agents (39)voice account (24)customer support (21)customer care representatives (18)customer service oriented (15)travel account (12)executive assistant (10)technical support representatives (8)customer service associate (7)assistant manager (6)customer service rep. (6)accounts receivable (4)customer service rep (4)customer service agents (3)call center representatives (3)health care account (3)customer service reps (3)customer service assistant (3)call center representative (2)account customer service (2)customer service executives (2)customer service advisors (2)customer care executives (2)customer service officer (2)customer service associates (2)customer service and technical support (2)help desk support (2)customer associate (2)customer care associate (2)telemarketing staff (1)customer support agent (1)customer experience specialist (1)customer service specialist (1)real estate specialist (1)customer support representative (1)customer relations representative (1)customer service representative healthcare account (1)customer service agent (1)it helpdesk (1)helpdesk support (1)call center executive (1)csr or tsr (1)operations supervisor (1)technical support rep. (1)manager trainee (1)telephone operator (1)customer sales representative (1)customer service executive (1)it help desk (1)administrative/clerical (814)recruitment associate (22)data entry (20)supervisor (18)business administration (16)admin assistant (15)receptionist (11)hr staff (10)tech support (9)data encoder (9)admin staff (9)virtual assistant (7)inventory clerk (6)sales assistant (6)office admin (6)administrator (5)administrative assistant (5)office clerk (3)account executive (3)office assistant (3)office boy (3)office associate (2)office personnel (2)hr associate (2)staff office (2)admin officer (1)office administrator (1)encoders (1)office per (1)administrative clerk (1)office assistants (1)hiring admin (1)receiving clerk (1)account supervisor (1)office associates (1)mail room clerk (1)office executive (1)filing clerk (1)admin manager (0)general work (610)night shift (70)technician (14)warehouse (14)production (8)machine operators (7)forklift operator (6)maid (5)2nd shift (3)general labor (2)steel fixer (2)3rd shift (2)loader operator (2)food production (1)part time leasing consultant (1)carpenters (1)truck operator (1)sales (590)sales associate (56)sales staff (42)sales promoter (35)sales agent (33)sales clerk (28)sales representative (22)sales associates (22)sales promodiser (21)sales account (19)sales lady (12)outbound sales (11)female sales (11)sales specialist (9)sales personnel (9)sales executives (8)sales promoters (7)sales account manager (7)sales representatives (6)sales coordinator (6)salesman (6)sales supervisor (5)sales officer (5)inbound sales (5)sales accounts (4)sales driver (4)seasonal sales staff (3)field sales representative (3)sales consultants (2)technical sales (2)sales staffs (2)outbound sales representative (2)retail sales manager (2)corporate sales executive (2)district sales manager (2)sales merchandiser (1)professional sales representative (1)inside sales (1)sales rep (1)outbound sales representatives (1)promotion girl (1)computer/information technology (531)technical support representative (13)information technology (13)it support (9)php (8)java developer (7)php developer (5)it related (5)computer science (5)data analyst (5)software development (5)desktop support (4)full stack developer (4)web developer (4)android developer (4)it specialist (3)technical support agents (3)front end developer (3)it park (3)backend developer (2)firmware engineer (2)software engineer senior (2)senior firmware engineer (2)user experience designer (2)it business systems analyst (2).net developer (2)system administrator (2)it staff (2)desktop support specialist (2)it service desk (2)service desk analyst (1)technical representative (1)data warehouse (1)engineer 1 (1)java developers (1)it associate (1)systems engineers (1) developer (1)application development (1)network technician (1)computer engineering (1)technical support specialist (1)it solutions (1)it head (1)data center engineer (1)seo specialist (1)application support specialist (1)computer programmer (1)java j2ee (1)pc technician (1)systems administrator (1)ios engineer (1)dynamics ax (1)electrical engineering (1)ios developer (1)senior java developer (1)linux administrator (1)senior .net developer (1)application developer (1)net developer (1)it security (1)it security manager (1)computer technician (1)back end developer (1)full stack web developer (1)sw engineer (1)ui/ux designer (1)scrum master (1)it sales executive ()consulting (419)customer service representative (86)health care (27)consultant (5)systems analyst (5)leasing consultant (4)merchandising (3)it support specialist (3)senior trainer (3)ar analyst (2)italian ar analyst (2)service advisor (2)sales consultant (2)reports analyst (2)travel consultant (2)salesforce business analyst (2)business systems analyst (2)subject matter expert (2)beauty consultant (2)system analyst (2)franchise consultant (1)financial advisor (1)business consultant (1)business consulting (1)implementation consultant (1)corporate auditor (1)logistics coordinator (1)night auditor (1)hotel/travel/hospitality (419)service crew (105)kitchen helper (18)massage therapist (9)housekeeping (8)service associate (8)star hotel (7)room attendant (5)barista (5)sous chef (4)service rep (4)kitchen steward (4)executive chef (3)store keeper (3)grill man (3)food server (3)steward (3)executive secretary (3)waiter (2)spa therapist (2)waiters (2)waitress (1)travel agent (1)hotel general manager (1)service ambassador (1)male janitor (1)public area attendant (1)recruitment event (1)front office supervisor (1)hotel nurse (1)food runner (1)district manager (1)cleaner (1)waiter waitress (1)room attendants (1)concierge (1)dishwasher (1)reservation agent (1)bartender (1)chef de partie (1)hotel maintenance (0)arts/creative/media (409)call center agent (53)merchandiser (31)sales executive (23)graphic artist (12)sales manager (11)graphic designer (10)project manager (9)content writer (6)landscape architect (5)sales engineer (4)content management (4)web designer (3)social media specialist (3)autocad operator (3)technical writer (3)project assistant (3)social media admin (3)marketing associate (2)content writers (2)design engineer (2)social media manager (2)video editor (2)social media marketing (2)content developer (2)database administrator (1)graphics designer (1)social media care (1)architect (1)graphic artists (1)hair stylist (1)painter (1)media account (1)social media account (1)senior technical writer (1)technical architect (1)production associates (1)music (1)video editing (1)programmer ()human resources (374)human resource (32)hr manager (9)administrative support (7)talent acquisition (6)hr recruiter (5)hr coordinator (5)recruitment officer (5)area manager (4)recruitment staff (4)hr generalist (4)recruitment specialist (3)technical recruiter (2)hr head (2)hr admin (2)it recruiter (2)recruiter officer (2)sourcing specialist (2)human resource specialist (1)training officer (1)us technical recruiter (1)hr operations (1)hr operations lead (1)talent acquisition officer (1)hr recruitment staff (1)hr executive (1)human resource manager (1)payroll staff (1)hr specialist (1)recruitment manager (1)employee relations specialist (1)business (338)business development (16)quality assurance (9)business development executive (4)business management (2)business development assistant (2)business development associate (1)business graduates (1)liaison staff (1)business development officer (1)building/construction (333)helper (31)purchasing staff (8)home builders (4)property manager (4)civil engineering (4)mason (4)assistant restaurant manager (3)construction engineer (2)mechanical design engineer (2)electrical estimator (2)construction workers (2)lady guard (2)home improvement (2)maintenance mechanic (1)laborer (1)lead architect (1)service technician (1)construction (1)tig welder (1)tile setter (1)equipment operator (1)utility (1)interior designers ()restaurant/food services (327)kitchen staff (17)cook (16)banquet waiter (7)line cook (6)dining staff (6)chef (5)baker (5)fine dining (4)fine dining restaurant (4)hotel and restaurant (4)kitchen helpers (4)butcher (3)restaurant team members (3)restaurant managers (3)restaurant staff (3)on call waiter (2)kitchen crew (2)food attendant (2)restaurant chain (2)restaurant crew (2)front of the house (2)cake decorator (1)male cook (1)food handlers (1)cafe attendant (1)waitresses (1)bar waitress (1)fast food chain (1)restaurant industry (1)cook helper (1)dimsum cook (1)healthcare (309)registered nurse (71)company nurse (35)healthcare account (18)registered nurses (14)staff nurse (11)us registered nurse (5)medical representatives (5)clinic nurse (5)staff nurses (4)pharmacist (4)medical representative (4)medical biller (3)nurse associate (3)nursing graduate (3)safety officer (3)healthcare associates (3)caregiver (2)medical billing (2)licensed pharmacist (2)company physician (2)medical officer (2)healthcare associate (1)health care representative (1)registered pharmacist (1)healthcare csr (1)pharmacy graduates (1)csr healthcare (1)csr healthcare account (1)radiology nurse (1)hmo staff nurse (1)company nurses (1)ph registered nurse (1)health and safety (1)clinic nurses (1)banking (281)non-voice account (3)treasury staff (2)collections officer (2)bank company (1)treasury assistant (1)disbursement staff (1)investment banking (1)engineering/architecture (274)team leader (22)civil engineer (11)engineer (10)product specialist (8)project engineer (7)welder (6)backhoe operator (6)mechanical engineer (6)field supervisor (5)electrical engineer (5)software engineer (4)maintenance technician (4)engineering (3)field service (3)support engineer (3)industrial electrician (3)maintenance staff (3)construction project (3)senior software engineer (3)carpenter (2)service engineer (2)field service engineer (2)industrial engineer (2)development engineer (2)network engineer (2)maintenance manager (2)building maintenance (2)electrician (2)plumber (2)industrial electricians (2)foreman (1)electrical technician (1)technical engineer (1)production engineer (1)devops engineer (1)technical support engineer (1)system engineer (1)maintenance tech (1)field service technician (1)carpenter helper (1)hvac technician (1)fabricator (1)senior network engineer (1)senior ios engineer (1)master plumber (1)qa engineer (1)human resources manager (1)material handler (1)heavy equipment operator (1)service manager (1)transportation/logistics (271)driver (26)delivery helper (19)specialist (16)warehouse staff (13)delivery rider (13)delivery drivers (12)warehouse personnel (9)transportation (8)truck driver (7)company driver (7)messenger (7)supply chain (4)rider (4)inventory staff (4)truck drivers (4)delivery truck driver (3)delivery helpers (3)warehouse helper (3)warehouseman (3)purchasing officer (3)drivers (3)logistics company (3)delivery riders (2)purchasing assistant (2)warehouse operator (2)executive driver (2)fleet manager (2)utility driver (2)trailer driver (2)freight forwarding (2)driver and helper (2)warehouse assistant (2)family driver (1)email and chat support (1)logistics staff (1)wheeler truck driver (1)logistic staff (1)motorized courier (1)food delivery (1)ocean and airfreight (1)logistics encoder (1)logistics operation (1)delivery personnel (1)warehouse checker (1)service delivery (1)logistics/warehouse staff (1)courier (1)warehouse driver (1)inventory assistant (1)delivery associate (1)management (257)store supervisor (13)restaurant manager (9)store manager (9)marketing manager (7)project management (6)operations management (5)workforce management (4)management specialist (3)sales team leader (3)area sales manager (3)business development manager (2)continuous improvement manager (2)localization project manager (2)shift manager (2)branch manager (2)order management (2)hotel and restaurant management (2)general manager (2)inventory management (2)operation manager (1)quality assurance manager (1)management position (1)technical support manager (1)production manager (1)country manager (1)branch managers (1)sales director (1)sales unit manager (1)department manager (1)engineering department manager (1)account management (1)assistant recruitment manager (1)retail (194)seasonal sales (14)roving merchandiser (13)store crew (12)retail sales (11)department store (8)seasonal merchandiser (5)promodiser (5)retail sales personnel (5)retail industry (4)store managers (3)retail sales experience (3)store supervisors (3)merchandisers (2)retail support service (2)store associate (1)head cashier (1)store manager trainee (1)promodiser and cashier (1)manufacturing (163)factory worker (30)production operator (22)production operators (19)production helper (10)production worker (8)production staff (7)manufacturing company (6)production workers (5)production crew (3)production helpers (1)garment manufacturing (1)production aide ()marketing/pr (163)social media (24)sales and marketing (16)marketing assistant (11)marketing staff (10)digital marketing (9)brand ambassador (6)marketing officer (6)marketing and sales (5)marketing specialist (4)seo executive (2)sales and marketing assistant (1)trade marketing specialist (1)digital marketing specialist (1)telemarketer (1)marketing communications (1)digital marketing agency (1)marketing supervisor (1)events coordinator ()maintenance/technician/mechanical (150)mechanic (7)machine operator (6)maintenance (5)automotive technician (2)service advisors (2)maintenance helper (1)maintenance supervisor (1)pharmaceutical (137)delivery driver (20)bs nursing (3)nurse reliever ()education/training (106)esl teachers (7)training supervisor (4)english teachers (4)online english teachers (3)english teacher (3)senior instructor (3)esl experience (2)esl tutors (2)online tutors (2)online english teacher (2)esl teacher (2)school physician (1)english tutor (1)fitness trainer (1)training manager (1)communications coach (1)quality assurance coach (1)math tutor (1)operations management trainee (1)educational consultant (1)educational account (1)teachers (1)product trainer (1)training coordinator (1)mining (98)electrical (5)licensed civil engineer (1)oil chem (1)facilities (91)housekeeping aide (5)laundry attendant (5)warehouse supervisor (5)janitor (4)utility personnel (2)janitorial services (2)floor manager (2)housekeeping supervisor (2)electromechanical technician (1)housekeeper (1)pool maintenance (1)warehouse person (1)shop assistant (1)utility worker (1)pest control technician (1)executive housekeeper (1)energy (88)shift supervisor (7)stockman (5)site engineer (3)heavy equipment mechanic (1)procurement specialist (1)science (83)animal science (3)bs pharmacy (2)research and development (2)data science (2)qa staff (1)chemical engineering (1)research and development staff (1)dispensing pharmacist (1)machine learning (1)researcher (1)medical technology (1)real estate (59)property specialist (4)real estate company (3)real estate investment (2)property consultants (2)real estate sales (2)property consultant (2)real estate agent (1)real estate business (1)real estate experience (1)property investment consultants (1)realestate (1)senior property manager (1)real estate developer (1)real estate agents (1)publishing (49)head (1)printer operator (1)junior graphic designer (1)english writing skills (1)law enforcement/security (46)security guards (7)security guard (6)security officer (4)loss prevention personnel (3)security personnel (1)information security (1)field investigator (1)operations officer (1)security operations (1)armed security officer (1)cctv operator (1)dispatcher (1)security manager (1)social care (27)us healthcare (6)pioneer healthcare account (4)social worker (3)nanny (1)home care (1)volunteering (24)legal (19)document controller (3)corporate tax (1)tax analyst (1)agriculture (7)veterinarian (1)sport (2)

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cavite (2844)cavite city (2175)imus (346)bacoor (293)silang (272)dasmariñas city (172)carmona (133)rosario (130)general trias (122)tanza (91)kawit (82)naic (49)trece martires city (48)alfonso (19)noveleta (15)indang (14)magallanes (8)mendez (8)amadeo (6)maragondon (1)ternate (1)tagaytay city (0)general mariano alvarez (0)general emilio aguinaldo (0)quezon (2731)quezon (2632)san francisco (16)real (12)candelaria (11)atimonan (9)lopez (9)san antonio (9)lucban (7)mauban (7)sampaloc (7)gumaca (6)pagbilao (6)dolores (4)plaridel (3)sariaya (3)infanta (1)padre burgos (1)tiaong (1)lucena city (0)tayabas city (0)agdangan (0)alabat (0)buenavista (0)burdeos (0)calauag (0)catanauan (0)general luna (0)general nakar (0)guinayangan (0)jomalig (0)macalelon (0)mulanay (0)panukulan (0)patnanungan (0)perez (0)pitogo (0)polillo (0)san andres (0)san narciso (0)tagkawayan (0)unisan (0)laguna (2207)calamba city (691)cabuyao (451)biñan city (345)san pedro (95)rizal (91)san pablo city (86)santa rosa city (71)los baños (26)bay (20)alaminos (16)pagsanjan (14)siniloan (11)calauan (10)lumban (6)pila (6)victoria (6)luisiana (4)santa cruz (4)kalayaan (3)majayjay (3)paete (3)nagcarlan (2)pangil (2)magdalena (1)pakil (1)cavinti (0)famy (0)liliw (0)mabitac (0)santa maria (0)pampanga (2018)mabalacat (157)city of san fernando (71)mexico (28)apalit (26)guagua (25)magalang (15)arayat (14)lubao (14)san simon (13)floridablanca (10)porac (8)macabebe (6)candaba (5)bacolor (3)san luis (2)masantol (1)santa ana (1)angeles city (0)minalin (0)santa rita (0)santo tomas (0)sasmuan (0)batangas (1969)batangas city (1396)tanauan city (307)rosario (100)malvar (91)lemery (54)san juan (49)nasugbu (48)balayan (40)laurel (34)bauan (29)san jose (28)cuenca (26)talisay (26)mabini (13)lian (9)san pascual (8)calaca (7)santo tomas (7)mataas na kahoy (6)ibaan (4)alitagtag (3)san nicolas (3)taal (3)taysan (3)padre garcia (2)tuy (2)agoncillo (1)calatagan (1)lipa city (0)balete (0)lobo (0)san luis (0)santa teresita (0)tingloy (0)cebu (1779)cebu city (1632)talisay city (42)naga city (33)consolacion (24)carmen (12)liloan (9)minglanilla (6)san fernando (6)danao city (4)argao (4)balamban (2)barili (2)compostela (2)oslob (2)san francisco (2)sibonga (2)aloguinsan (1)catmon (1)malabuyoc (1)moalboal (1)ronda (1)tabuelan (1)bogo city (0)carcar city (0)lapu-lapu city (0)mandaue city (0)toledo city (0)alcantara (0)alcoy (0)alegria (0)asturias (0)badian (0)bantayan (0)boljoon (0)borbon (0)cordoba (0)daanbantayan (0)dalaguete (0)dumanjug (0)ginatilan (0)madridejos (0)medellin (0)pilar (0)pinamungahan (0)poro (0)samboan (0)san remigio (0)santa fe (0)santander (0)sogod (0)tabogon (0)tuburan (0)tudela (0)bulacan (997)bulacan (794)marilao (143)baliuag (58)pulilan (44)guiguinto (38)san jose del monte city (37)bocaue (34)plaridel (28)balagtas (21)calumpit (20)san ildefonso (19)hagonoy (14)san miguel (14)norzagaray (11)obando (11)santa maria (10)san rafael (6)angat (2)pandi (2)paombong (1)malolos city (0)meycauayan city (0)bustos (0)doña remedios trinidad (0)metro manila (927)manila (856)quezon city (175)makati (166)pasig (87)taguig (80)muntinlupa (57)mandaluyong (56)pasay (53)caloocan (43)parañaque (43)san juan city (40)malabon (27)marikina (15)navotas (10)las piñas (9)pateros (8)valenzuela city (0)iloilo (766)iloilo city (701)pavia (23)oton (17)san miguel (7)estancia (4)pototan (4)leon (3)sara (3)janiuay (2)san rafael (2)tigbauan (2)ajuy (1)alimodian (1)banate (1)cabatuan (1)calinog (1)dumangas (1)guimbal (1)lambunao (1)zarraga (1)passi city (0)anilao (0)badiangan (0)balasan (0)barotac nuevo (0)barotac viejo (0)batad (0)bingawan (0)carles (0)concepcion (0)dingle (0)dueñas (0)igbaras (0)leganes (0)lemery (0)maasin (0)miagao (0)mina (0)new lucena (0)san dionisio (0)san enrique (0)san joaquin (0)santa barbara (0)tubungan (0)rizal (584)cainta (102)san mateo (72)taytay (44)angono (17)binangonan (10)rodriguez (9)tanay (9)teresa (7)baras (4)morong (4)cardona (1)pililla (1)antipolo city (0)jalajala (0)pangasinan (545)rosales (63)san carlos city (31)calasiao (29)mangaldan (24)villasis (22)alaminos city (21)lingayen (18)tayug (14)bayambang (13)malasiqui (13)manaoag (9)mangatarem (9)binmaley (8)sison (5)anda (4)asingan (4)bautista (4)binalonan (4)san fabian (4)san nicolas (4)sual (4)bugallon (3)san jacinto (3)umingan (3)burgos (2)pozzorubio (2)dagupan city (1)agno (1)alcala (1)balungao (1)bani (1)bolinao (1)mapandan (1)san manuel (1)santa barbara (1)urdaneta city (0)aguilar (0)basista (0)dasol (0)infanta (0)labrador (0)laoac (0)mabini (0)natividad (0)san quintin (0)santa maria (0)santo tomas (0)urbiztondo (0)tarlac (506)tarlac city (451)concepcion (30)capas (20)paniqui (16)bamban (8)san jose (6)camiling (5)gerona (5)victoria (4)mayantoc (2)la paz (1)moncada (1)ramos (1)anao (0)pura (0)san clemente (0)san manuel (0)santa ignacia (0)cagayan (482)rizal (13)abulug (4)aparri (3)tuao (3)gattaran (2)piat (2)allacapan (1)baggao (1)enrile (1)peñablanca (1)santo niño (1)solana (1)tuguegarao city (0)alcala (0)amulung (0)ballesteros (0)buguey (0)calayan (0)camalaniugan (0)claveria (0)gonzaga (0)iguig (0)lal-lo (0)lasam (0)pamplona (0)sanchez-mira (0)santa ana (0)santa praxedes (0)santa teresita (0)isabela (410)cauayan city (234)santiago city (87)ilagan (33)quezon (25)roxas (22)quirino (13)san mateo (11)alicia (10)cabatuan (9)tumauini (8)aurora (7)cordon (7)san pablo (5)luna (4)echague (3)cabagan (2)ramon (2)san mariano (2)burgos (1)jones (1)reina mercedes (1)angadanan (0)benito soliven (0)delfin albano (0)dinapigue (0)divilacan (0)gamu (0)maconacon (0)mallig (0)naguilian (0)palanan (0)san agustin (0)san guillermo (0)san isidro (0)san manuel (0)santa maria (0)santo tomas (0)ilocos sur (269)bantay (11)narvacan (10)santa (7)santa maria (6)cabugao (6)caoayan (3)tagudin (2)quirino (1)san ildefonso (1)san juan (1)santa catalina (0)santa cruz (0)santa lucia (0)santiago (0)santo domingo (0)sigay (0)sinait (0)sugpon (0)suyo (0)candon city (0)vigan city (0)alilem (0)banayoyo 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(1)casiguran (1)dilasag (0)dinalungan (0)dingalan (0)dipaculao (0)maria aurora (0)san luis (0)palawan (179)puerto princesa city (37)el nido (18)quezon (10)coron (3)rizal (3)roxas (2)magsaysay (1)narra (1)san vicente (1)taytay (1)aborlan (0)agutaya (0)araceli (0)balabac (0)bataraza (0)brooke's point (0)busuanga (0)cagayancillo (0)culion (0)cuyo (0)dumaran (0)kalayaan (0)linapacan (0)sofronio española (0)camarines sur (148)naga city (78)pili (10)pamplona (6)goa (4)libmanan (3)san jose (3)bato (1)garchitorena (1)nabua (1)iriga city (0)baao (0)balatan (0)bombon (0)buhi (0)bula (0)cabusao (0)calabanga (0)camaligan (0)canaman (0)caramoan (0)del gallego (0)gainza (0)lagonoy (0)lupi (0)magarao (0)milaor (0)minalabac (0)ocampo (0)pasacao (0)presentacion (0)ragay (0)sagñay (0)san fernando (0)sipocot (0)siruma (0)tigaon (0)tinambac (0)albay (142)daraga (20)polangui (11)guinobatan (8)oas (4)camalig (3)malinao (1)tiwi (1)legazpi city (0)ligao city (0)tabaco city (0)bacacay (0)jovellar (0)libon 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(113)bangued (4)daguioman (1)boliney (0)bucay (0)bucloc (0)danglas (0)dolores (0)la paz (0)lacub (0)lagangilang (0)lagayan (0)langiden (0)licuan-baay (0)luba (0)malibcong (0)manabo (0)peñarrubia (0)pidigan (0)pilar (0)sallapadan (0)san isidro (0)san juan (0)san quintin (0)tayum (0)tineg (0)tubo (0)villaviciosa (0)bataan (101)mariveles (4)hermosa (2)dinalupihan (1)orani (1)balanga city (0)abucay (0)bagac (0)limay (0)morong (0)orion (0)pilar (0)samal (0)quirino (101)diffun (3)aglipay (1)cabarroguis (1)saguday (1)maddela (0)nagtipunan (0)bukidnon (90)valencia city (66)quezon (3)don carlos (2)manolo fortich (1)malaybalay city (0)baungon (0)cabanglasan (0)damulog (0)dangcagan (0)impasug-ong (0)kadingilan (0)kalilangan (0)kibawe (0)kitaotao (0)lantapan (0)libona (0)malitbog (0)maramag (0)pangantucan (0)san fernando (0)sumilao (0)talakag (0)benguet (83)la trinidad (42)tublay (3)baguio city (0)atok (0)bakun (0)bokod (0)buguias (0)itogon (0)kabayan (0)kapangan (0)kibungan (0)mankayan (0)sablan 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norte (0)dupax del sur (0)kasibu (0)quezon (0)santa fe (0)villaverde (0)alfonso castaneda (0)ambaguio (0)bagabag (0)diadi (0)davao del sur (44)davao city (2)bansalan (2)digos city (0)don marcelino (0)hagonoy (0)jose abad santos (0)kiblawan (0)magsaysay (0)malalag (0)malita (0)matanao (0)padada (0)santa cruz (0)santa maria (0)sarangani (0)sulop (0)south cotabato (44)general santos city (4)polomolok (2)tupi (2)koronadal city (0)banga (0)lake sebu (0)norala (0)santo niño (0)surallah (0)t'boli (0)tampakan (0)tantangan (0)zambales (40)iba (12)subic (6)san marcelino (4)castillejos (1)olongapo city (0)botolan (0)cabangan (0)candelaria (0)masinloc (0)palauig (0)san antonio (0)san felipe (0)san narciso (0)santa cruz (0)negros oriental (33)sibulan (2)siaton (1)bais city (0)bayawan city (0)canlaon city (0)guihulngan city (0)dumaguete city (0)tanjay city (0)amlan (0)ayungon (0)bacong (0)basay (0)bindoy (0)dauin (0)jimalalud (0)la libertad (0)mabinay (0)manjuyod (0)pamplona (0)san jose (0)santa catalina (0)tayasan (0)valencia (0)vallehermoso (0)zamboanguita (0)samar (32)calbayog city (0)catbalogan city (0)almagro (0)basey (0)calbiga (0)daram (0)gandara (0)hinabangan (0)jiabong (0)marabut (0)matuguinao (0)motiong (0)pagsanghan (0)paranas (0)pinabacdao (0)san jorge (0)san jose de buan (0)san sebastian (0)santa margarita (0)santa rita (0)santo niño (0)tagapul-an (0)talalora (0)tarangnan (0)villareal (0)zumarraga (0)siquijor (32)siquijor (32)enrique villanueva (0)larena (0)lazi (0)maria (0)san juan (0)misamis oriental (29)cagayan de oro (17)opol (3)villanueva (3)el salvador (1)lugait (1)salay (1)sugbongcogon (1)tagoloan (1)gingoog city (0)alubijid (0)balingasag (0)balingoan (0)binuangan (0)claveria (0)gitagum (0)initao (0)jasaan (0)kinoguitan (0)lagonglong (0)laguindingan (0)libertad (0)magsaysay (0)manticao (0)medina (0)naawan (0)talisayan (0)cotabato (28)kabacan (4)midsayap (4)kidapawan city (0)alamada (0)aleosan (0)antipas (0)arakan (0)banisilan (0)carmen (0)libungan (0)m'lang (0)magpet (0)makilala (0)matalam (0)pigkawayan (0)pikit (0)president roxas (0)tulunan (0)davao del norte (28)panabo city (0)island garden city of samal (0)tagum city (0)asuncion (0)braulio e. dujali (0)carmen (0)kapalong (0)new corella (0)san isidro (0)santo tomas (0)talaingod (0)capiz (25)roxas city (15)panay (5)dao (1)cuartero (0)dumalag (0)dumarao (0)ivisan (0)jamindan (0)ma-ayon (0)mambusao (0)panitan (0)pilar (0)pontevedra (0)president roxas (0)sapi-an (0)sigma (0)tapaz (0)negros occidental (25)bacolod city (14)talisay city (3)hinigaran (2)bago city (0)cadiz city (0)escalante city (0)himamaylan city (0)kabankalan city (0)la carlota city (0)sagay city (0)san carlos city (0)silay city (0)sipalay city (0)victorias city (0)binalbagan (0)calatrava (0)candoni (0)cauayan (0)enrique b. magalona (0)hinoba-an (0)ilog (0)isabela (0)la castellana (0)manapla (0)moises padilla (0)murcia (0)pontevedra (0)pulupandan (0)salvador benedicto (0)san enrique (0)toboso (0)valladolid (0)catanduanes (21)virac (1)bagamanoc (0)baras (0)bato (0)caramoran (0)gigmoto (0)pandan (0)panganiban (0)san andres (0)san miguel (0)viga (0)masbate (18)masbate city (13)aroroy (0)baleno (0)balud (0)batuan (0)cataingan (0)cawayan (0)claveria (0)dimasalang (0)esperanza (0)mandaon (0)milagros (0)mobo (0)monreal (0)palanas (0)pio v. corpuz (0)placer (0)san fernando (0)san jacinto (0)san pascual (0)uson (0)antique (14)san jose (3)anini-y (0)barbaza (0)belison (0)bugasong (0)caluya (0)culasi (0)hamtic (0)laua-an (0)libertad (0)pandan (0)patnongon (0)san remigio (0)sebaste (0)sibalom (0)tibiao (0)tobias fornier (0)valderrama (0)oriental mindoro (14)pinamalayan (2)roxas (1)victoria (1)calapan city (0)baco (0)bansud (0)bongabong (0)bulalacao (0)gloria (0)mansalay (0)naujan (0)pola (0)puerto galera (0)san teodoro (0)socorro (0)kalinga (12)tabuk (1)balbalan (0)lubuagan (0)pasil (0)pinukpuk (0)rizal (0)tanudan (0)tinglayan (0)basilan (10)ungkaya pukan (1)isabela city (1)sumisip (0)tabuan-lasa (0)tipo-tipo (0)tuburan (0)akbar (0)al-barka (0)hadji mohammad ajul (0)hadji muhtamad (0)lamitan (0)lantawan (0)maluso (0)biliran (8)biliran (2)almeria (0)cabucgayan (0)caibiran (0)culaba (0)kawayan (0)maripipi (0)naval (0)davao oriental (8)mati city (0)baganga (0)banaybanay (0)boston (0)caraga (0)cateel (0)governor generoso (0)lupon (0)manay (0)san isidro (0)tarragona (0)agusan del norte (7)buenavista (1)cabadbaran (1)nasipit (1)butuan city (0)carmen (0)jabonga (0)kitcharao (0)las nieves (0)magallanes (0)remedios t. romualdez (0)santiago (0)tubay (0)camarines norte (7)daet (3)labo (1)basud (0)capalonga (0)jose panganiban (0)mercedes (0)paracale (0)san lorenzo ruiz (0)san vicente (0)santa elena (0)talisay (0)vinzons (0)sulu (7)jolo (5)siasi (2)banguingui (0)hadji panglima tahil (0)indanan (0)kalingalan caluang (0)lugus (0)luuk (0)maimbung (0)old panamao (0)omar (0)pandami (0)panglima estino (0)pangutaran (0)parang (0)pata (0)patikul (0)talipao (0)tapul (0)zamboanga del norte (7)sindangan (4)rizal (1)dapitan city (0)dipolog city (0)bacungan (0)baliguian (0)godod (0)gutalac (0)jose dalman (0)kalawit (0)katipunan (0)la libertad (0)labason (0)liloy (0)manukan (0)mutia (0)piñan (0)polanco (0)president manuel a. roxas (0)salug (0)sergio osmeña sr. (0)siayan (0)sibuco (0)sibutad (0)siocon (0)sirawai (0)tampilisan (0)guimaras (6)jordan (3)buenavista (0)nueva valencia (0)san lorenzo (0)sibunag (0)misamis occidental (6)bonifacio (1)oroquieta city (0)ozamiz city (0)tangub city (0)aloran (0)baliangao (0)calamba (0)clarin (0)concepcion (0)don victoriano chiongbian (0)jimenez (0)lopez jaena (0)panaon (0)plaridel (0)sapang dalaga (0)sinacaban (0)tudela (0)tawi-tawi (6)bongao (1)languyan (0)mapun (0)panglima sugala (0)sapa-sapa (0)sibutu (0)simunul (0)sitangkai (0)south ubian (0)tandubas (0)turtle islands (0)mountain province (5)barlig (0)bauko (0)besao (0)bontoc (0)natonin (0)paracelis (0)sabangan (0)sadanga (0)sagada (0)tadian (0)sarangani (5)alabel (0)glan (0)kiamba (0)maasim (0)maitum (0)malapatan (0)malungon (0)camiguin (4)catarman (0)guinsiliban (0)mahinog (0)mambajao (0)sagay (0)marinduque (4)boac (1)gasan (1)mogpog (1)buenavista (0)santa cruz (0)torrijos (0)sultan kudarat (4)isulan (1)lebak (1)tacurong city (0)bagumbayan (0)columbio (0)esperanza (0)kalamansig (0)lambayong (0)lutayan (0)palimbang (0)president quirino (0)senator ninoy aquino (0)surigao del sur (4)marihatag (1)san miguel (1)bislig city (0)tandag city (0)barobo (0)bayabas (0)cagwait (0)cantilan (0)carmen (0)carrascal (0)cortes (0)hinatuan (0)lanuza (0)lianga (0)lingig (0)madrid (0)san agustin (0)tagbina (0)tago (0)lanao del norte (3)iligan city (0)bacolod (0)baloi (0)baroy (0)kapatagan (0)kauswagan (0)kolambugan (0)lala (0)linamon (0)magsaysay (0)maigo (0)matungao (0)munai (0)nunungan (0)pantao ragat (0)pantar (0)poona piagapo (0)salvador (0)sapad (0)sultan naga dimaporo (0)tagoloan (0)tangcal (0)tubod (0)occidental mindoro (3)sablayan (1)san jose (1)abra de ilog (0)calintaan (0)looc (0)lubang (0)magsaysay (0)mamburao (0)paluan (0)rizal (0)santa cruz (0)southern leyte (3)maasin city (2)anahawan (0)bontoc (0)hinunangan (0)hinundayan (0)libagon (0)liloan (0)limasawa (0)macrohon (0)malitbog (0)padre burgos (0)pintuyan (0)saint bernard (0)san francisco (0)san juan (0)san ricardo (0)silago (0)sogod (0)tomas oppus (0)surigao del norte (3)claver (3)surigao city (0)alegria (0)bacuag (0)basilisa (0)burgos (0)cagdianao (0)dapa (0)del carmen (0)dinagat (0)general luna (0)gigaquit (0)libjo (0)loreto (0)mainit (0)malimono (0)pilar (0)placer (0)san benito (0)san francisco (0)san isidro (0)san jose (0)santa monica (0)sison (0)socorro (0)tagana-an (0)tubajon (0)tubod (0)zamboanga del sur (3)zamboanga city (1)molave (1)san miguel (1)pagadian city (0)aurora (0)bayog (0)dimataling (0)dinas (0)dumalinao (0)dumingag (0)guipos (0)josefina (0)kumalarang (0)labangan (0)lakewood (0)lapuyan (0)mahayag (0)margosatubig (0)midsalip (0)pitogo (0)ramon magsaysay (0)san pablo (0)sominot (0)tabina (0)tambulig (0)tigbao (0)tukuran (0)vincenzo a. sagun (0)ifugao (2)aguinaldo (0)alfonso lista (0)asipulo (0)banaue (0)hingyon (0)hungduan (0)kiangan (0)lagawe (0)lamut (0)mayoyao (0)tinoc (0)compostela valley (1)compostela (1)monkayo (1)laak (0)mabini (0)maco 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