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Yes, The Owner Of Mighty Corporation Alex Wongchuking Is Just... - 12 months ago

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Wed, 05/10/2017
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Yes, the owner of Mighty Corporation Alex Wongchuking is just peanuts compared to Lucio Tan in terms of tax evasion.... and smuggling, too. Tan's name is with the term tax evasion the same, which should even be known to a kindergarten. And yes. Info has it that it was Tan who caused this trouble of Mighty. Mighty's brands are slowly erasing Tan's own brands in the PMPFTC merger from the market because of pricing.

Info also has it that BIR officials were in cahoot with Mighty in printing BIR cigarette stamps, fake stamps of genuine papers and ink. The modus is to print many stamps, say 10, using one number, thus defrauding the government taxes for 9.

But Mighty is just Liliputian compared to Tan in robbing blind the people on taxes. All his "sin" companies, namely Fortune Tobacco (before he had it unlawfully merged with Philip Morris Philippines), Tanduay Distillers and Asia Brewery, have tax evasion as their lucrative business. Hundreds of billions of taxes, probably over a trillion now, since becoming Marcos' crony and business partner for the tobacco industry, have been cumulatively robbed by Tan via his said "sin" companies, and tariifs and duties for raw mats he smuggled in, technical or whatnot, are not included yet.

Those in the Makati Business Club, Federation of Filipino Chinese Chamber of Commerce and Industry, Inc. (whereby Tan made himself its chairman emeritus) and the Chinese Business Club (group that seceded from the FFCCCII because of Tan) surely know this, including the in-high-place corrupt in the government. And P-Digong should also know this, being the "I will kill all the corrupt in the government, including the corrupt in the ruling class" president. And they all should know that Mighty is just to Lucio Tan a monkey in using fake stamps to cheat taxes massively, per "Monkey see, monkey do" principle. Tan was indicted for printing fake stamps for his cigarette brands in the time of his master Marcos in Cory's presidency, though nothing happened for the recovery of the taxes massively cheated. This is culled from "The Filipino Under Siege" article stumbled upon somewhere years ago:

Tan was also indicted for printing or about 1981, without legal authority, BIR stamps worth about P7 billion pesos and affixed them on packs of cigarettes produced by Fortune Tobacco, in violation of Section 180 of the National Internal Revenue Code, thereby defrauding the plaintiff and Filipino people billions of pesos in tax receipts.

With this light, P-Digong should not think us in the know to rejoice on what he is doing to the owner of Mighty Corporation. Mighty's might in nothing visavis the might of Lucio Tan. He is not branded "The man who pays" for nothing.

Soon after he became the "Tapang at Malasakit" president, whom we campaigned and voted for president, shout-outs were posted repeatedly in Facebook group and page walls for P-Digong to make good of his campaign vow to slay the oligarchy, to kill the corrupt in the ruling class, having Tan as the posts' centerpiece. A Facebook album-letter for P-Digong, dedicated to Tan's investigation, prosecution and recovery of his loot, was even devised by me and blasted repeatedly, on and off until now. P-Digong, considering his countless trolls, appears unmindful of it, as manifested by his silence.

A new tax evasion case against Tan is also poised to be filed by me and two ex-LTGC "sin" company sales executive colleagues, with our affidavit-complaints prepared by NUPL for over three years. We need somebody of high and stringent stature in our society to be with us, back us publicly on this, for reason readily known without stating. Copies of which was handed to a young lawyer in the circle of Baste Duterte. This lawyer, just last March 9, 2017, texted that since months ago, in August or September 2016, after, in turn, giving those copies to an Atty. Alexander Lumbatan, said to be a trusted lawyer of the Dutertes in Davao City, no response had been received from Lumbatan for his follow-ups by him yet.

We have reasons to believe that those copies of our affidavit-complaints have reached P-Digong's end, that he had read those not long after getting to the hands of said lawyer Lumbatan, and that his silence on the subject now is telling us that, as some ex-LTGC colleagues say whenever the matter is our topic, he must have succeeded in scaring Tan in upping his rejected campaign donation (P500 million as initial supposed to be?) to over a billion or two billion. Our suspicious mind is saying that even over P2 billion, when "Kapitan" is terrorized, that amount is a something-nothing for him to part with.

Lucio Tan is the paragon of corruption in our corruptdom. Will P-Digong "slay" him? It is now a dying "to see is to beleieve", isn't it?

Chinaman Lucio Tan must be laughing out loud on this. It is very likely that it was him who "ordered" for the raids of Mighty Corporation's warehouses and tax evasion problem for the same. Small Mighty is killing his big Fortune cigarette business interest, and he owns the BIR, including Customs (Basis? Gen. Salvador Mison was immediately taken in by Tan after his stint as Customs chief in the time of Cory as president of his holding company). Tan is also the almighty puppeteer of past Malacanang occupants (and present?).

Why this quick for P-Du30 to state how much should Mighty Corporation pay for its tax evasion, just like how he was with casino mogul Jack Lam's tax delinquency shortly after shouting for his prosecution, that scrutinizing upside-down the depht and gravity of its economic sabotage is to be ignored? Does he as the president have the power to say how much should economic saboteurs pay without investigation and prosecution? Something is fishy, very fishy on this with the owner of Mighty Corporation, just like with said casino mogul.

But Alex Wongchuking of Mighty is only a piranha in the ocean of tax evasion, while Lucio Tan is the whale in the same, as his name is synonymous with tax evasion. Why is P-Du30 now silent on the "whale" for his foul practices in our nation, particulary his economic sabotage and abuse of worker's rights? Is it true that at least a couple of billion from corrupt man Lucio Tan (as how he was branded by World Bank whistleblower Atty. Karen Hudes in her expose' of the $900 million Philippine loan from the World Bank supposedly for elleviation of poverty that ended in Tan's hands) has changed hands for him to be now on him P-Du30 is mum?

P-Du30 is corrupt, and will remain corrupt, in the eyse and minds of the thinking citizens unless he now acts for the investigation, prosecution and punishment of corrupt man Lucio Tan, and recover the accumulated hundreds of billion that the same has looted from the Filipino people. Making Lucio Tan suffer the consequence of his foul deeds is the litmus test for Du30, including the rest of the "honorables" in the government who love to be in the center of things.

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Duterte to Mighty Corp: Pay double, I’ll forget about tax case
By: Nestor Corrales - Reporter / @NCorralesINQ / 05:27 PM March 09, 2017

President Rodrigo Duterte said the government was willing to forget about the tax evasion case against the owner of Mighty Corp., Alex Wongchuking. But Duterte said Wongchuking should pay the government double his tax liabilities.

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